Chilli Crab Cutlet

cooking-time5 min cooking-servings3 SERVINGS


  • 1 pack Sadia Breaded Chicken Cutlet
  • 150g chilli crab rempah
  • 75ml water 
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • Spring onions to garnish


  1. Heat up Sadia Breaded Chicken Cutlet according to the instructions on packaging
  2. Add water to chilli crab rempah and bring to boil
  3. Add beaten egg to chilli crab mix and stir well
  4. Slice Sadia Breaded Chicken Cutlet
  5. Place chilli crab mix on cutlet, garnish with spring onions, and enjoy!
  6. If you are feeling hungry, tuck the chilli crab cutlet between 2 burger buns for a hearty meal! 

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